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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  February 17, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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protesting the keystone pipeline and getting two top members arrested. there was a time, paul, when the sierra club was a thoughtful contributor to the debate over conservation of public lands, but they have these days adopted an environmentalism that's so extreme and so militant that there is not any room in it for the private development of the economy and jobs. i think the original founders of the sierra club would be appalled. >> paul: james. >> big miss to the olympic committee, this is the year not the millennium. dropping wrestling from the olympic, man's oldest sport and keeping badminton, ping-pong, synchronized swimming. synchroniz synchronized swimming's main contribution for a "saturday night live" kit. >> mary. >> a hit to florida senator marco rubio who turned his
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sweaty, walk ward swig of water during the state of the union response so-called gulp-gate into a political asset making fun of himself and posted a photo of a water bottle on twitter gained thousands of followers, in the instant politics and a little humor can go a long way. >> paul: see if it helps him along the way. if you have your hit or miss send it to us at and twitter@jer on fnc. i'm paul gigot, we hope to seey. >> jon: a week full of news, north korea tests a nuclear bomb. pope benedict called it quits, a historic move. president obama gives his state of the union speech
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setting the tone for the next four years. his legacy on the line: a republican senator gives the g.o.p. response and gets a little thirsty doing it. a major manhunt ends in california. the wanted killer dead in a burning blaze. the new york times reviews a car, but the real facts are missing. and sarah palin slaps the washington post for stupidity. which stories made our list? find out on fox news watch. on the panel this week, fox news contributor, judy miller. cal thomas, jim pinkerton, mrn conservative magazine, and daily beast columnist kirsten powers. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. members of i have the high
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privilege and honor of presenting to you, the president of the united states. [applaus [applause] >> thank you, thank you. >> president obama delivered his state of the union address tuesday night pushing his agenda items. setting the tone for his second term and trying in part to cement his legacy, bold and aggressive, that's what we heard the speech was going to be. kirsten before was actually delivered, most in the media seemed to give it a thumbs up. you had kind of a different take? >> yeah, well, i mean, i thought it was a pretty underwheming speech, actually. and the reality is you could almost write the articles before they come out and now what people say. every speech barack obama gives they think is brilliant when it's transparency not
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brilliant. and when i talked to democrats behind the scenes, yeah, underwheming. the media seems to think it's amazing, when it's uninspired. rehashed olds that-- pre-k? universal pre-k? is this 1980 and yet, they raved about it. >> jon: yes, bob schieffer on cbs says much better than the inaugural address, and savannah guthrie played his best card in the political fight, which is the emotion card. >> that gives away that political reports look this is a team. and team obama. when the football coach says my quarterback is the best quarterback ever. each year. if you're in the mood displaying is, you sound exactly like is a van in a g
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guthrey. >> if you were a conservative you tended not to like the speech. if liberal you tend today like the speech. and the speech has been as predi predictable as the speech itself. aaron david miller, you know, there was no foreign policy this week, and he called mr. obama the extricater in chief, a praise i rather liked, but other than that, i really found the commentary westbound quite dreary about a quite uninspiring and effective speech. >> the point is most liberal like these things. there's nothing in this particularly liberal. and it's gotten to the point that if you're a liberal you have to like every idea that barack obama has. and since 1980, i don't understand, like, why are-- the economy isd
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now and he wants to talk about raising the minimum wage? i mean, it just isn't-- this is not an inspiring reaction to what's going on. >> jon: cal. >> i wrote in a column this week, a higher authority to. and the president, the recycling old ideas. the guys are so deep in the tank with this guy if he came up they'd suffer from the bends. he didn't call the president a liar, but came close to it said all of his claims were fantastic. he mentioned head start. he wants pre-k, 3 to 4, and head start has been shown to be a failure. >> like he's a smart reporter, but, on the show, american conservative which i pointed out the president did talk specifically about alzheimer's and made a point that medical
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research pays for itself over and over again if we ever want an entitlement spending, caring for the diseases i thought that was fresh and that portion the mentality of just democrats and republicans, that point got lost. >> jon: then there was this. florida senator marco rubio gave the republican response his speech noted not so much for the content, but for this. >> i've been up here in washington. nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choices tonight sus between big government and big business, what we need is an accountable, efficient and effective government. >> kelly: after that swig of water, cnn implied that it was a career ender on msnbc, they showed a replay of his swig, approximately 155 times. >> yes. >> jon: 101 of them during the rachel maddow show?
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>> what's up is water-gate they're calling it. this is absurd. this is a young man who gave a speech in english, and in spanish, to a party that has had problems recruiting hispanics, i mean, why could they not pay any attention at all to the con at the point in time of the speech, whether or not they agreed with it. >> it's not so much about marco rubio drinking the water. it's about the media drinking the kool-aid for obama, that's what it's about. >> there's such a thing as fumbling forward. in 1988 bill clinton made a terrible speech at democratic national convention. and went on the carson show and-- >> ar the pac says if you give money, you get a water bottle. hydrated. >> jon: tweeted this hispanic senator and the media tells
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it. and nen nen dez ignored. >> the reality with menendez there's substance abuse to be covered and not getting into the issue with underage prostitutes i think it's unclear what went on there. the stuff that is clear they don't want to cover, but they want to cover someone taking a sip of water. i actually didn't see it live and i watched it the next day and i sat there the whole time thinking what, i don't understand this. you know, and then this little moment of sipping water is the whole story? >> in the meantime he did make the cover of time magazine, which put him on there and called him the republican savior. jim? >> well, nothing like that the expectations game. (laughter) i guess there is no such thing as bad publicity. >> at least he has a foreign poli policy. >> he says i'm not a savior,
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with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> stalled out on tesla's electric highway, that's the headline of the review of the tesla model s a high end electric car designed to drive long distanceses on battery power. the review written by the new york times, john broder who drove from washington to boston. review not so good. driving in cold weather he claimed the battery drained more quickly and drive more slowly and turn down the climate control and had to call the tow company when the car he says died. and the ceo fired back at the review.
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>> we have the vehicle which have-- do not realize this is a tesla owned vehicle and the log shows when he says he was doing 54 miles per hour, he was actually doing 80 miles per hour. when he says that he turned off the heat off, he actually had the heat blasting at 74 degrees, the press has been tremendously positive, but writing one more article that reaffirms that doesn't get any, any attention, but writing an article with a picture of a car on a flatbed. that gets attention. >> jon: that's the point he was trying to make. and tesla says it has the proof ap the times is standing its story. >> i think we need to have an independent third party to understand the data and make sure that everything was correctly in the car and possible something was off there. and it's a he said-he said, and no way to know what happened without an independent person involved in that. >> judy, you think the times
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is playing it straight here? >> there's no reason to believe they're not given what has been reported to date. i mean, the reporter has answered all of the criticisms that tesla raised about the story, he says that elon must bei musk called him and he says i'm sorry the test ran was a disaster and yes, we probably should put charging stations closer together, which by the way, has huge financial i am mri caam-- implications for the company. and the times reviewed it well on the coast, whether or not it's a times bias or that there's a problem with the battery in the car that it doesn't do very well in cold weather. >> jon: taxpayers might want to pay attention jim, woo we have several hundreds of millions of our dollars invested in this country. >> one of the clean energy efforts that the barack obama administration put so much stock into. this from a communications
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point, this is a reminder why corporate pr people started audiotaping and interviewing the interview simultaneous with the reporter for, i don't know, 60 minutes coming in to do it and so on and this takes it to a new level. and the fact there's little black box-- in fact many have them. we know how fast john corzine was going, and this whole data and whether or not it can be trusted. on the tesla motors blog there's charts and graphs showing every last move they make and times disputes and kirsten is right. definitely needs somebody to come there and investigate the reporters claims and tesla's claims. >> and if he's doing 80 miles per hour on any of those roads a police officer should send him a ticket. when you get a bad review in the new york times, whether it's a broadway show that quickly closes or a car like
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this, the times readers are target audience for selling the car. it's a bad thing and the company has a lot invested and mr. broder has a lot invested, if he's proved to have lie. >> it's $100,000 car. >> it's not exactly the car that most american families are going to worry about buying, but this i will say. wire magged says come on, if this is your data. the data from that black box, rehe least the underlying data. release the raw data and then we'll have an independent check whether or not there may be a problem with the computer. in other words, we need further investigation. >> one of the questions is whether john broder is objective n an article in 2012 wreath this the state of the electric car is dismal. hype expectations, high-tech flops and hostile political climate. so, given, if that's his attitude can readers-- >> i support the idea of building electric cars, but i
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wouldn't disagree with that assessment. i think it's a fair assessment of the climb. there have been problems and early technology often has a lot of problems and there are naysayers and people tell us why we shouldn't do it and too expensive. and early computers. ang you can still be subjective about it. >> we'll keep an eye on it. there's more news watch ahead. if you see something that you feel shows evidence of media bias, tweet us. up next, did the media interfere in a massive manhunt? >> a major manhunt for a rogue ex-cop gets major media attention. did the press get too close to the action? and did some in the media side with the killererererer hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential.
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>> you make 10 billion dollars, you put in a billion. you make $10 you put in 1. of course you've got to get rid of the loopholes, but-- (applause). now, now, some people say, they say, well, that's not fair, because it doesn't hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars as much as this guy who made 10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> jon: renowned pediatric neuro surgeon ben carson delivering a speech at last week's prayer breakfast, critical of president obama's policies of taxing the highest income earners. government spending and obamacare as well. cal, you were not impressed with what he had to say there? >> well, i was impressed by what he had to say, i just think it's the wrong venue to say it. that's why going to church and giving a book report. that's not why you go. i've been a part of this for 40 years and speakers are supposed to talk about a
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higher king and a different kingdom not lecture a president on his policies and would have been just as inappropriate if he had praised the president or a republican president criticized by a democrat. that's not the format. >> jon: on cnn candy crowly had a panel discussion and asked her panelists if they were offended by the remarks by dr. carson. >> first of all, i agree with what he said and cal writing a gutsy column and kirsten tweeting on it. it's an inappropriate venue and i don't know if cnn, but a damaging to the wonderful partisan, national prayer breakfast everyone should feel welcome to and not think that they're going to get a political lecture, enough of those in washington everywhere else. >> as a matter of fact, the president took the opportunity at the same event to lecture, or at least not at the event, but to talk about cable news.
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let's listen. >> i do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast everything we have been talking about, the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten. on the of the prayer breakfast. i mean, you'd like this think that the shelf life wasn't so short. but i go back to the oval office and i start watching cable news networks and it's like we didn't pray. >> jon: what about that? i mean, people are saying that the good doctor should not have been, you know, talking politics, but the president's kind of talking politics isn't he? >> no, what the president was doing, saying exactly what cal has been saying in his column and jim said and kirsten said. there's a time and place for everything and can't we just for a moment remember those things at an event like this to bring us together as americans rather than those that divide us which we get
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every other minute of every day in washington and new york and the rest of the country? >> let's move on to a story which was breaking, leading up to the state of the union on tuesday. the largest manhunt in lapd history came to a dramatic end when christopher dorner, a former police officer wanted for killing three people, died in a cabin in big bear, california the media went full-tilt on the coverage, including the professor hill on cnn. >> as far as dorner himself, he's like a real life super hero, don't get me wrong, killing-- but when you read his manifesto and message he left, he wasn't entirely crazy, he had a plan and a mission, they're not rooting for somebody who was wrong to get revenge against the system almost like watching django in chain in real life, kind of excited. >> jon: what about that? there are people who were you
12:56 pm
know, executed at the hands of this guy. a young woman and her fiance shot it death in a car and this guy is excited because it's "django unchained"? >> i don't understand that, i usually don't like to liston what mark lamont hill has to say i don't know why he would say anything like that. just a lost it-- >> and the manifesto-- >> i don't know what was in the manifesto that was so great, either. >> well, as greg national review and noah rothman, because it was left wing and crazy and not right wing, the media weren't interested in it. as rothman pointed out. it disappeared. >> also worth noting that cnn leading up to the state of the union, ran the pursuit and the climatic end to that whole case on the headline news
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channel rather than the state of the union. did you hear about sarah palin's new job? palin's new job? that's coming up p p p p [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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